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Erasmus+ Jobshadowing and common projects: Linking European Educational Spaces

Seeking partners for job-shadowing and student exchange with educational visits. Using resources and digital tools to enhance your collaborative efforts.


Unlocking the Potential of Educational Collaboration in the Erasmus+ Framework:

If you are a teacher looking to expand and internationalize your school or organization join us in this dynamic course where you will find the strategies and techniques for fostering cooperation between EU educational centers. Along the course we will look for common interests among the participants to start work projects and plan possible jobshadowings or future trips with students.
Our course is not just about acquiring knowledge – it goes beyond that. Our emphasis is on forging lasting connections and developing exciting projects through coworking with fellow participants. The courses are dynamic, fun-packed and we offer exclusive sightseeing tours of Alicante and Costa Blanca for our participants and their families. Taking the course a step beyond for our students to live and know the spanish culture and way of living. We are local hosts so you will feel the real Spanish hospitality.
Come join us on this educational journey and unlock the full potential of European collaboration in education!

  • Materclass: information sessions on the Erasmus framework and the possibilities of working between European centers
  • Project Development: Creation of real collaborative projects, taking advantage of the diversity of perspectives and experiences of the participants. Establish work frameworks by seeking points of common interest with the rest of the attendees.
  • Visits to centers: Learn about the Spanish educational system and different working methods by visiting centers with Erasmus accreditation. Learn first-hand how they are developing their project, the activities they carry out and look for common points for future collaborations.
  • To understand the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers for collaboration between European educational centers.
  • To find partners for future projects, job shadowing, student exchanges…
  • To give participants a close-up and personal insight into the Spanish school system observing on site school projects with accreditation
  • To provide tools and techniques which promote effective online and in-person collaboration.
  • To design and present solid and significant collaborative projects.
  • To give teachers the opportunity to share successful activities or experiences they use in their own school/country so we can learn from each other.
  • To have fun, share experiences and learn from open-minded teachers from different countries.
  • To continue growing our network of teachers and schools from all over Europe and beyond.

Our methodology is based on a practical and participatory approach. It combines theoretical sessions with practical activities and real collaborative projects. Using cutting-edge tools, we promote coworking to maximize interaction and learning between participants. Each session is designed to be highly informative, interactive and applicable, providing you with the skills and confidence necessary to lead successful collaborative projects in the context of Erasmus+. Join us to unlock the potential of European collaboration in education!

Visit to Spanish Schools

As part of the course with your spanish hosts, either if you are primary teacher or a secondary teacher you will have the opportunity to visit a Spanish school at each educational stage. You will witness, first-hand, how they develop and work with their Erasmus projects and see a normal day in a spanish school, knowing their educational system. You will see how practical subjects, care of the environment or project based learning are given the same priority as academic subjects at all stages of education. You will also have the opportunity to see how they deal with new technologies and how they are introduced in the teaching-learning process.

To sum up, you will have a good overview about how a school works in Spain and how they perfectly fit their Erasmus projects into their normal learning.

Teacher well-being

One of our priorities while you spend your valuable time with us in Spain is your well-being. Every teacher is important to us and we want you to feel valued and comfortable throughout your stay. As well as the extra activities we provide as part of the course fee , we work hard to ensure you have a really good time. We ensure lots of team-building and “get to know you” activities from day one and our courses are dynamic and fun-packed. We are genuine Spanish hosts so you will get the real Spanish experience and we will look after our teachers really well.

As part of the course we also provide
  • Evening refreshments.
  • Cultural excursions
  • Course material and the different certificates.
    • Certificate of attendance
    • Europass mobility document
    • Learning agreement
Are you interested?

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26/05/2024 - 02/06/2024
23/06/2024 - 30/06/2024
22/09/2024 - 29/09/2024


Genion Lab
Mestre Casimiro Ruiz, 4
03610 Petrer


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